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Dear Chess Player,

Do you know that 90% of chess players do not make any significant improvement despite spending a lot of time on chess?

Do you know why ?

Because most players don’t know what to study.

They don’t have access to a good syllabus that will help them imrpove their game.

So they waste a lot of time on watching youtube videos and solving random puzzles on chess.com or lichess.

Without a proper syllabus, you will waste your time and energy on useless activities that do not contribute to your chess Improvement.

But there is an easy solution for this.

This “Complete chess course in 30 days” gives you a complete syllabus and step by step lessons that will help you make significant improvement in 30 days.

About the course

This Course is divided in 4 parts.

Part 1 - Fundamentals

Rules of the game to Build a Solid Foundation

Ladder Technique For Checkmating Opponent's King

Common Tactical Ideas to Trap Your Opponent

Using Tactical Concepts like Xray attack and Deflection to win opponent's Pieces

How to Play in the Openings Like an Expert

Golden Openings Principles that will help you get Good Positions in Every Game

Rules of the game to Build a Solid Foundation

Part 2 - Master the Middlegame

How to Improve Your Pieces to Active Squares

How to Create Weakness in opponent's Position and Attack it

How to use the Space Advantage to Win the Game

How to Conduct Kingside and Queenside Attack

When to Exchange the Pieces to Gain Advantage

What to do if you are Confused and don't know how to Play the Position

Part 3 - Master the ENDGAME

How to win in Pawn Endgames

Strategies to win the Rook Endgames

Bishop vs Knight - Which Piece is Good for you

Principle of Two Weakness to Destroy Opponent's Defense

How to Promote Your Passed Pawns into a Queen

Strong Practical Techniques to Win in the Endgames

Part 4 - Powerful Winning Strategies

How to Destroy Opponent's Kingside and Launch a Checkmating Attack

How to Trap Your Opponent's King in the Centre and Checkmate it

Powerful "Pawn Storm Attack" to Win the Game

How to Use "Advanced Tactical Ideas" to Trick Your Opponent

How to Stop Opponent's Attack Even Before it Starts

How to Sacrifice Your Queen and Win the Game

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Your Instructor

Sachin malik

Sachin Malik

I am playing chess since 2010 and teaching chess since 2015. I have helped 500+ students to improve their game and become better chess players.

My peak Fide rating is 1996 and i have participated in Multiple International level tournaments.

My rating on chess.com is 2200+ which puts me in top 1% of all chess players.

In this Course, I explain the “Secret” Ideas and strategy that all advanced player knows but most beginners or intermediate players don’t know.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are a beginner or intermediate player, this course will take you to the advanced level. If you are at the advanced level, this course will help you increase your rating.

This is prerecorded Video course. It is NOT a live course.

Duration of this course is 15+ hours with more than 120 videos.

Once you have made the payment, send me the screen shot and i will give you the access credentials on your whatsapp number.

It depends on the plan you chose. If you choose the Lifetime access plan, then you will have life time access.

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