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How to Improve at chess

This simple 3 step guide will help you become better chess player one step a time. 

Step 1 - Game Analysis

First step is to analyze your games to find out your strength and weakness, which concepts you understand well and which concepts you don’t understand well.

Surprisingly most people spend a lot of their time on playing games but they rarely stop to analyze what their strength and weakness are.

They hope that just by playing games they will become a better player. 


If you don’t find out what you are doing wrong, you will continue to repeat those mistakes and never improve.

Step 2 - Create a Roadmap

” A bad plan is better than no plan.”

Analyzing your games will give you a list of concepts that you need to master. Based on the importance of these concepts, you create a priority list.

Then you turn it into a Monthly and Quarterly Goal so that you have a clear Roadmap to focus on.

Step 3 - Quality Exercises

” Journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”

Once you are clear about the concept that you need to master, then you find Quality exercises and positions that you need to study. 

Then everyday you spend time to study these quality exercises and you will improve slightly everyday. Overtime, these small steps will lead to a big improvement.

At Study chess pro, i help you with analyzing games, creating roadmap and providing Quality exercises.

Your Instructor

Sachin malik

Sachin Malik

I am playing chess since 2010 and teaching chess since 2015. I have helped 500+ students to improve their game and become better chess players.

My peak Fide rating is 1996 and i have participated in Multiple International level tournaments.

My rating on lichess.org is 2400+ which puts me in top 1% of all chess players.