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Top 5 Best Chess Books For Kids

A Kid With Chess Books

After reading this article, you can confidently choose a perfect book for your kid. 

It does not matter whether your kid is a complete beginner or knows some basics; i have covered every situation and recommended a specific book for each situation. 

Let’s start with first book.

1. Chess for Children

Author: Murray Chandler

This is my favorite book for kids who are trying to just get started in chess.

This book take the kids on a six part journey.

Part1: How to move the pieces.

Part2: Chess notations, value of pieces, capturing and giving checks.

Part3: castle, pawn promotion and en passant. 

Part4: Types of draws and checkmate by queen or rook

Part5: Basic tactics

Part6: Well explained practical game

Conclusion: This is an ideal book for a child who is completely new to chess. This should be your child’s first chess book.


2. Chess for kids and Parents

Author: Heinz Brunthaler

Chess for kids and parents gives you a complete training program that you can follow with your child. 

This book assumes that your child knows the elementary rules of the game. 

This training program gives you a step by step journey that you can take with your child. 

It gives you regular exercises that you are supposed to solve before moving on to the next lesson. 

What i like about this book is that it is written for both kid and the parents so you can become partner with your child and complete this training program.

It will be a fun activity for both you and your child.

Conclusion: If your child already knows the elementary rules of the game then you can choose this book 

3. chess tactics for kids

Author: Murray chandler

Once your child has studied the elementary rules of the game and wants to improve further then will be a good book.

Tactics are the key to fast improvement at the beginner level. 

This book covers 50 commonly occurring tactics in practical games. 

It describes every type of tactics in easy language and provides exercise puzzles to practice the concept. 

Conclusion: For children ‘s who are already playing the game for sometime and wants to get better, this is a good book. 

4. How to beat your dad at chess

Author: Murray Chandler

As the name suggests, this book is for children’s who wants to beat their dad at chess. 🙂

This book covers 50 deadly checkmate patterns. 

These checkmate patterns occurs frequently in the practical game. 

By studying these patterns, a child improves pattern recognition ability. They can easily identify and execute brilliant moves that leads to checkmate. 

Some of the positions given in this book are hard and this book is not for complete beginners. 

Conclusion: This book is ideal for ambitious kids who have good amount of  experience with the game and  wants to become local champion. 

5. Winning chess strategy for kids

Author: Jeff Coakley

Once you have learned the elementary rules of the game, you have studied tactics and you have master checkmate patterns; then next step is to master the chess strategy. 

This book is ideal for learning chess strategy for kids. 

From strategical concepts like weak pawns, weak squares, passed pawns to exchanges everything is covered in this book. 

This book contains lot of animated diagram that kids will love and it explains all the jargons of chess in easy to understand language. 

It also gives your exercise puzzles to practice the concepts that you have learned.

Conclusion: For advanced beginners, this is an ideal book to learn chess strategy and improve their game.